Investlingo Launches Version 0.2.0: Empowering Content Creators with Enhanced Insights and Interactive Features


Investlingo, Japan’s pioneering media platform for Content Creators focused on U.S. stock market analysis, is excited to announce the launch of its latest software version, 0.2.0. This update is a game-changer for content creators, offering advanced features such as detailed analytics on views, followers, likes, reviews, and comprehensive account settings.


Version 0.2.0 introduces a sophisticated dashboard providing in-depth insights. Content creators can now access detailed metrics for each article, including view counts, likes, and reviews. This enhanced visibility into audience engagement empowers creators to tailor their content strategy effectively.

Tickers in Editor:

Enhancing the content creation experience, the updated editor now includes a ‘Tickers’ tool. This feature allows creators to seamlessly integrate stock tickers into their articles, which automatically link to the ticker’s page, thus enriching reader navigation and engagement.

Drafts, Queued, and Published:

The new version revamps the ‘Drafts’, ‘Queued’, and ‘Published’ views with a fresh look and additional data. Creators can now access more insights for each content piece, including associated tickers, number of likes, and reviews.


A new ‘Followers’ view has been added, enabling creators to see their followers list and engage with their audience more effectively. This feature includes sorting and searching capabilities, making it easier to understand and grow their follower base.


Investlingo now offers users the opportunity to write reviews for content creators. These reviews can be found in a dedicated section that allows sorting by date. To cater to a global audience, all Japanese reviews are automatically translated into English for creators, with the option to view the original Japanese text if desired. Furthermore, content creators have the option to report any reviews they find inappropriate for moderation.


A key feature of version 0.2.0 is the advanced notification system. Notifications are conveniently displayed in the top right bar, indicated by a red badge showing the number of new notifications. Upon opening, creators can view all notifications starting from the most recent. This system alerts creators about new translations and publications of their content, new likes and reviews on their content, and new followers. Each notification can be individually read by clicking on it, and there is an option to mark all as read or view all notifications on a separate page.

Importantly, creators have the flexibility to toggle notifications on or off in the settings for each notification type, allowing for a personalized and manageable experience.

Account Settings:

In version 0.2.0, creators have full control over their account settings. They can now edit all account information provided at signup, including profile details, ensuring their account remains up-to-date and reflective of their current status.

New Field: Disclaimer (ACTION NEEDED)

A crucial addition is the ‘Disclaimer’ field, which will automatically appear on each piece of content. Content creators are required to populate this field immediately as it is essential for maintaining transparency and credibility with the audience.

Change Password

The update also introduces a ‘Change Password’ feature, providing creators with the flexibility to update their password whenever necessary, enhancing account security.

About Investlingo

Investlingo is a media platform where prominent content creators about the US stock market get together and share their insights with investors in Japan.