Investlingo Launches Version 0.2.0: Enhancing User Experience: New Features and Functionalities on Our Platform


We are excited to announce a range of new features and enhancements designed to elevate your experience on our platform. From a revamped homepage to interactive content features, these updates are tailored to provide you with a more engaging, personalized, and convenient way to access and interact with the content and creators you love.


As soon as you arrive on our website, the homepage presents a collection of content sorted into various categories. The newest items are displayed at the top. On the side, you’ll find four selections from our editors. There’s also a section with tabs that let you filter content based on different criteria. At the bottom of the page, you can see some of our content creators and a button to view all of them.

Content Interaction Features

When you select a piece of content, the layout starts with tickers at the top, followed by the investment style, the main image, and then the full content crafted by our skilled content creators. The content view features options to share, save, like, and comment. Additionally, there’s a follow button next to the content creator’s name for easy access to their future work.

Editors’ Picks Page:

The homepage features a selection labeled “Editors’ Picks,” showcasing our chosen content. By clicking the ‘show all’ button on the homepage, you’ll be directed to a page where all these selected contents are displayed. Our Editors’ Picks are chosen based on several criteria: relevance and timeliness, quality and analysis, reader engagement, content diversity, educational value, expert insights, and originality. These selections are updated frequently to ensure the latest and most engaging content is highlighted.

Contents Page Access and Features:

The Contents page, showcasing all our content, is initially previewed on the homepage. Clicking the ‘show all’ button expands this view, allowing you to explore all content, complete with filters and sorting options.

Each content item displays essential information: the title, content creator, main image, number of likes and comments, tickers, and an option to save the content for later reading.

In the filtering section, you can refine content based on ticker, investment style, and content creator, with support for multiple criteria. You can also sort content by date/latest, popularity, or number of views. Additionally, a search bar is available for finding specific contents.

Following Content Creators and Personalized Updates

Our platform now offers the ability to follow your favorite Content Creators. Stay updated effortlessly, as you’ll receive notifications every time they publish new content.

To view a complete list of the Content Creators you’re following, simply visit your profile and click on the ‘number of followings’ section.

Moreover, we’ve made it convenient for you to access content from all the creators you follow. We’ve curated a special view of their content, which is directly accessible from the homepage, ensuring you never miss out on the content you care about most.

Ticker-Specific Pages and Personalized Notifications

On our platform, each ticker now boasts its own dedicated page. Here, you can easily browse all the content written about that particular ticker, neatly categorized into ‘latest’ and ‘most popular’ sections.

We’ve added a feature allowing you to follow or subscribe to any ticker of your choice. This means you’ll receive notifications every time a content creator publishes something related to your followed tickers.

To make it even more convenient, we’ve curated a special view on the homepage tabs. This personalized section will display all the content from the tickers you’re following, ensuring you have quick and easy access to the information most relevant to you.

New Save-for-Later Functionality

We’re excited to announce the addition of a ‘save for later’ feature on our platform. This convenient functionality allows you to bookmark contents to read at your leisure. You’ll find this option at the bottom of the screen when you open any content. Additionally, as you navigate through various pages featuring content, look for the bookmark icon. With just a click, you can save content for later or see if it’s already been saved.

For easy access, all your saved contents are displayed in a dedicated section within the homepage tabs, ensuring your favorite reads are always just a click away.

Enhanced Engagement with Likes

Each piece of content on our platform now features a ‘like’ option. Your likes not only show appreciation for our content creators but also contribute to our algorithm that highlights popular content across various pages. By liking content, you support our creators and help promote their work to be more visible on the platform.

Across all pages where content is listed, you’ll see the number of likes each piece has received. This feature provides insights into what’s resonating with our community. Additionally, within the homepage tabs, there’s a section where you can view all the content you’ve liked, making it easy to revisit your favorites.

Comments and Community Interaction

Our platform has now introduced the ability to comment on content. This new feature invites you to join the community and share your thoughts on various pieces. You can now engage more deeply with the content and participate in discussions.

Each content listing, across various sections of the site, will display the number of comments it has received. This allows you to gauge the level of community engagement and interaction with each piece.

Furthermore, to foster a truly global community, comments from our users will be automatically translated and displayed in English to our international content creators. This ensures that language barriers do not hinder the sharing of ideas and perspectives, enabling a more inclusive and diverse conversation.

Content Creators Profiles

From our homepage, you can easily access a comprehensive list of all our content creators. By clicking on any creator’s name, you’ll be directed to their personal profile. Here, you’ll find insightful details such as their bio, links to their social media, and their unique investment style of writing.

Additionally, each creator’s profile showcases a complete list of their contributions to our platform. You’ll also find a section dedicated to their most popular content, allowing you to explore their most engaging and widely appreciated work.


Notifications play a crucial role in keeping you informed about content you’re interested in, whether it’s for a specific ticker or content from a particular creator.

Located at the top right of the screen is a concise overview of your latest notifications. From here, you can access a more detailed view of all your notifications in one place. We’ve included a convenient option to mark all notifications as read, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with the newest updates.

Additionally, you have complete control over your notification preferences. You can easily enable or disable notifications for different categories (tickers, or content creators). This customization option is found in the account settings section of the Settings Page, under the third tab. This feature allows you to tailor your notification experience to suit your interests and keep your focus on content that matters most to you.

Profile & Account Settings

To access and manage your personal profile, simply click on your avatar picture located at the top right of the screen and select ‘profile’. Here, you’ll find all the information you provided during the signup process together with the number of content creators and tickers you follow.

Your profile details, including email and password, can be easily updated through the ‘account settings’ section. This feature offers you the flexibility to keep your information current and secure, ensuring a personalized and protected experience on our platform.

About Investlingo

Investlingo is a dynamic and user-centric online space dedicated to connecting users with a wide range of investment-related content. It’s designed to offer an engaging and informative experience, catering to diverse interests in the financial world. From detailed analyses and expert insights to the latest market trends, our platform serves as a comprehensive resource for investors, analysts, and enthusiasts alike. The core of our community lies in the diverse voices of our content creators, whose expertise and perspectives enrich the platform, fostering a vibrant and knowledgeable community. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the market, our platform provides the tools and content to keep you informed, engaged, and ahead in the world of finance.